Cap Camarat

Hike up to  Cap Camarat.   The fantastic view from the lighthouse makes it worth the effort!

Wonderful Gigaro

Such good memories of the summer of 2016 in Gigaro. Gigaro is simply the most beautiful place on earth – magical!

Celebrating Bastille Day

July 14: Allons enfants de la patrie (Let’s go children of the fatherland)… it is time to celebrate! –    “Is this  a revolt?” asked Louis XVI to the Duque of Rochefoucauld, to which he replied: –    “No Sire, this is a revolution.” One of King Louis XVI’s most trusted counsellor pronounced those ominous words on…

July 14th, Bastille Day, Saint Tropez

Fireworks for the French National Day, celebrated on 14 July each year Bastille Day in celebrated across the whole of France with a bang…well, several in fact, fireworks always feature heavily. And the residents of Saint Tropez celebrate this national holiday with as much enthusiasm as the rest of the country. Various activities are held…


There is so much to discover and to do. We welcome you at our Mas de Gigaro.

Nikki Beach Club in Saint-Tropez

Since its debut in 2002, Nikki Beach Saint Tropez has become the go-to hot spot for the true international jet-setter’s and celebrities of the world. Chilled champagne, innovative dining, alluring people, fantastic DJs, exciting entertainment, incredible events and amazing fashion shows all come together to create a scene that is not to be missed. Address:…