Les Voiles 2016 – Famous Sailing Competition in St. Tropez

Les Voiles St.Tropez 2016

Voiles de St Tropez 2016

This regatta is the highlight and the seasonal closure of the Mediterranean classic yacht regatta season. At the end of September the most classy and most significant classic yachts from all over the world meet once again at the small but renowned Mediterranean village of Saint Tropez at the Côte d’Azur.
While the modern super yachts race during the first two regatta days, the classic yachts are the real emphasis of Les Voiles de St. Tropez and compete in the race during the remaining days of the regatta. They offer a beautifully fascinating and exciting experience for the spectators.
No need to observe the show from a distance though- we offer the thrilling and lasting experience of participating in the race on one of our impressive classic yachts! Join as a skilled yachtsperson or as a newbie to the sailing and racing world in the fun of the regatta. Together with the experienced regatta crew onboard you can feel the excitement of the start of the race, the piloting around the regatta buoy and the adrenalin of reaching the finishing line! And of course you have the chance to anchor this amazing experience by playing „reporter“ on the waves, taking pictures of the race as well as the beautiful synchronicity of classic yachts, ocean and scenery!

Regatta Program Voiles de St Tropez

Sunday, September 25th
modern yachts

Monday, September 26th
modern yachts

Tuesday, September 27th
Classic yachts and modern yachts

Wednesday, September 28th
Classic yachts and modern yachts

Thursday, September 29th
Challenge Day Club 55 Cup

Friday, September 30th
Classic yachts and modern yachts

Saturday, October 1st
Classic yachts and modern yachts

Sunday, Oktober 2nd
Completion and award ceremony


Further Information at http://www.isails.org/les-voiles-de-saint-tropez.html

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